Now is the time to get your lawns and gardens ready for Spring, Summer and Fall  2023 with Ploughman's Choice in 24 lb bags at $8.00 each. Order TODAY. Call Rotarian Hilda Finnigan at 905-431-4258 to place your order and make arrangements for pick up or delivery. Cash or cheque made out to The Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood OR order online on our fundraising page: and pay by credit card. We will be back at the North Oshawa Farmers Market beginning in May 2023. 

The Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood hopes that, once again, we can help the gardeners of Durham Region get their flower and vegetable gardens and lawns ready for spring, summer and fall in 2023. The proceeds are going to help Rotary community projects. 

The Team for 2023 is back again. Thank you to our Oshawa Parkwood Rotarians Lennis Trotter and John Kellam, co-chairs of the fund-raising project. Thank you to Hilda and Al Finnigan for their tremendous efforts; and to Ted Morrison and everyone at Wilmot Creek. Thank you to Rotarian and co-chair John Kellam and Merle Cole and all of their friends at the Oshawa Garden Club .Thank you to our friends at Meineke Car Care, and to Dave Penney and the committee for what we hope will be another successful project.

Most of all, the Rotary Club wishes to thank everyone in Durham Region who will make this fund-raising project a true success by calling and placing their orders TODAY. See you soon , in the spring of 2023, with our exciting fundraising project of the Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood.