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Mailing Address: 96 KING ST. E., OSHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA L1H 1B6



ROTARY INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT: Ian Riseley – Rotary Club of Sandringham, Victoria, Australia

R.I. DISTRICT 7070 GOVERNOR: Neil Phillips - Rotary Club of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ASSISTANT DISTRICT 7070 GOVERNOR: Beth Selby – Rotary Club of Cobourg in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

What is Rotary ?

We're made up of local business, professional, and civic leaders. 

We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships and through that, we're able to get things done in our community. It's up to YOU.............Join leaders in our community

Be sure to share this with all of your friends and associates and ask them to get in touch with our Membership Director Lennis Trotter at 905-985-0963 or our Club President Ted Morrison at 905-623-3810. You are invited to our next Rotary meeting. You may wish to become a Rotarian. Dinner is on us. Isn't it time to give back to your community?.


ROTARY – People of Action

Rotary is where neighbours, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.




is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

FIRST The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

SECOND High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful

occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

THIRD The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life;

FOURTH The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of

business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.


Rotary Code of Conduct provides a framework for ethical behavior that all Rotarians can use, together with The Four-Way Test, in their business and professional activities.


As a Rotarian, I will

  1. Exemplify the core value of integrity in all behaviors and activities

  2. Use my vocational experience and talents to serve in Rotary

  3. Conduct all of my personal, business, and professional affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others

  4. Be fair in all dealings with others and treat them with the respect due to them as fellow human beings

  5. Promote recognition and respect for all occupations which are useful to society

  6. Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community

  7. Honor the trust that Rotary and fellow Rotarians provide and not do anything that will bring disfavor or reflect adversely on Rotary or fellow Rotarians

  8. Not seek from a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship



of things we think, say and do:

  1. Is it the truth

  2. Is it fair to all concerned?

  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


Page 2 - May 1, 2018

MINUTES OF MEETING : Tuesday May 1, 2018


O Lord, The Giver of all good,

We thank Thee for our daily food

May Rotary friends and Rotary ways

Help us to serve Thee all our days.

Grace: Devon Biddle

O Canada: Peter Dueck

Toast To The Queen : Dave Ryan, Optimist Club


A warm Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood welcome to members of the The Optimist Club of Ajax, Lions Club and Keith Richards of the Durham Regional Police. Also present were many spouses of Rotary members.


Happy Birthday to Ron Mortson of the Optimist Club. We sang the now famous Rotary Club of Indian Rocks Beach “Happy Birthday to YOU Cha Cha Cha” to Ron.

Happy Anniversary to Mark and Millie.


VP Linda – Thanked everyone who participated with Communities with Brooms. Members collected 120 bags of garbage at the park.

Ted – Reminded everyone of our biggest fundraiser on May 10 – the Reverse Draw.

Dave - Reverse Draw –May 10 is fast approaching. Will need the final meal count on May 8. There are 84 auction items.

Ted – The Kids Against Hunger project occurs Saturday, May 5, when 15,000 meals will be packaged for children around the world, including Haiti, Kenya and for the Aboriginals up North. 1,400 lbs of rice ( 70 bags) will be loaded into Devon’s van. The UOIT setup begins at 8:15 with the Whitby Sunrise Club coming at 9:45. Bags will begin packing at 10:30 am and finish by 12:30 pm.

Pres Ted - May 12 - District Training Assembly BMO Institute For Learning (IFL), 3550 Pharmacy Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario M1W 3Z3 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Linda Porritt has asked all of the Board Members and Committee chairs for next Rotary year to attend and sign up on the District 7070 website. Open to all Rotary Club members Our Rotary Club will pay for your registration cost. Click here to register.

Pres Ted - JUNE 19 – RCMP Musical Ride – Two shows - 12:30 and 5:15 pm at Wiindreach Farm, 312 Townline Rd, Ashburn. Tickets . Tickets - $25 per adult, $15 per child . Arrive 1 hour prior to show time to ensure seating and parking . Visit for tickets, more information, and directions. Many Rotary Clubs in our district, including ours, has made donations to Windreach Farm, over the years. This is our chance to give back.

REMINDER: Lennis Trotter will order "Rotary" clothing (hats, shirts and jackets) , but he needs a minimum number - let him know if you want anything.

REMINDER - the next Kids Safety Village meeting is on May 22 at 5 pm.


Front Desk - Tim Dwyre

Bulletin Editor and Official Greeter - Sue MacKinnon

(Editor’s note: If you cannot be there, please find a replacement)


Sgt At Arms Bob Koski current events topic was the special guest at the Royal Oaks restaurant in Whitby. Christine Letchfor, Ajax Optimist wife, won with the correct answer of Doug Ford. Stanley took the second prize, guessing the lawyer of Stormi Daniels.


Guest Maya Eapen won the approximate $500 draw with ticket No. 574318 and the A of Spades.


Bob – Happy about the good weather we are having.

Caroline Kipling – Happy the McLaughlin Library sale is over. It earned $8,800 in sales.

Hilda– Said it is hard to live with two Finnigans (husband Al and Al’s brother), but was happy to hear the best singing of Oh Canada she’s heard in a long time.

Dave – Happy to see the two Finnigans this morning for coffee.

Ron Mortson – Happy all the Optimists were present and that all sang Happy Birthday, which was the most people singing Happy Birthday in a long time.

Ester Trotter – Had a good holiday in Georgia and Florida.

Larry – Happy he is not in the same weight division for wrestling as his dinner mate was.

Kris – Happy to see three clubs together and happy to see his long time friend Dr. Eapen and his wife Maya.

Dr. Eapen – He is happy his wife won the $500 A of Spades draw.

Ted – He was happy that his grandson is home today after a week in hospital with a fractured skull and brain bleed after a fall.

Sonya – Sad and happy, sad because her daughter has taken a turn for the worse and happy because two very good friends have helped her find another place to live.

Bob Koski – Commented that the winner of the draw bought 3 tickets, so if you wanted to win, you needed to buy 3 tickets.

Page 3 - May 1, 2018


President Ted Morrison said the Paul Harris Fellowship is the most prestigious award in Rotary. It has been given to Nelson Mandella, Prince Charles, Neil Armstrong, Mother Theresa, Dolly Parton and more. The Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood is adding Ron Mortson of the Optimists of Ajax to the list. The Ajax Optimists have had one of the longest partnerships with Rotary at about 26 years. Ron was approached by Lennis Trotter with an idea for the Kids’ Safety Village of Durham Region. The Optimists also had a similar idea and the partnership was formed. Ron became Treasurer, with Lennis as the President.

Ron Mortson thanked the Rotary Club for the honour, saying it came as a complete surprise. He is familiar with the award and thanked everyone.




Kids’ Safety Village of Durham Region

Lennis Trotter, president, welcomed the KSV members from the Optimist Club of Ajax, the Lions Club of Whitby and the Durham Regional Police for attending this joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood. Lennis updated the group with information on the grading and driveway. He says the police and fire departments will move in to the new building in June in time to set up for Sept classes.

Ron Mortson – treasurer – thanked those involved with the fundraising efforts at the KSV who managed to raise between $600,000 and $700,000 for the expansion. He says we still need a bit more money since the construction costs keep increasing. The reopening of the Village is set for Sept 22 and he needs everyone to get involved as there is lots to do.

Sargeant Keith Richards of the DRP – He is a 28 year veteran with the DRP who is involved with the Regional Youth program Kids and Cops. For 15 years, he has also been the Nuclear Evacuation Officer for the region. He is looking forward to the 2018 season at the Village and the police “couldn’t do it without the service clubs”. “It is amazing to see the work of the groups involved. It gives someone in law enforcement encouragement to know there are good people out there,” he said. He is working on the 2018 program with fire services and says there are very few villages with this component. He is looking a getting a decommissioned cruiser at the Village, more officers from around the region teaching, and possibly the involvement of the ambulance service. The police force is also developing a new website with a calendar and booking agent for schools. Richards also says the KSV has a huge impact on the community, in terms of teaching safety to the children. “It’s refreshing to see members of the community come together for the benefit of the community. There is no other place where kids can get that first-hand life experience.”

Meeting adjourned by Pres. Ted at 8:02 pm

Dont forget.....

JUNE 21 - Interact Pre-convention – U of T Hart House - Your opportunity to meet Interactors from

around the world. Seize this once-in-a-year opportunity to meet and exchange

ideas with Interactors and Interact supporters from around the world at the 2nd

annual Interact International Convention. This one-day Interact gathering will

happen on Thursday, June 21, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at Hart House on

the University of Toronto campus.The conference is the perfect opportunity to learn

new skills, improve your club, and trade best practices with your fellow Rotarians.

Cost : $25 to $35.

JUNE 22- World Water Summit 10 – Delta Hotel, 75 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5J 3A6 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm .Register today at The registration fee is $150 US for WASRAG members and $175 US for Non-WASRAGmembers (which includes a 1-year membership to WASRAG)

JUNE 22-23 – Rotaract Pre-convention - Metro Toronto Convention

Centre - Join Rotaractors and Rotarians to exchange ideas, listen to engaging speakers, and connect with your global community to create positive change. The Rotaract Preconvention includes two full days of general sessions, workshops, discussions, and networking opportunities for all registrants. The Rotaract Preconvention is open to all Rotaractors and Rotarians interested in Rotaract.

JUNE 22-23 – Rotary Peacebuilding Summit - Metro Toronto ConventionCentre. Cost $150.00. Registration for Rotary members . For details go to: Don’t miss your opportunity to join leaders from around the world at the Rotary Peacebuilding Summit. Together we'll explore how we can create peace in our communities and inspire others to take action. This summit will help you: Understand Rotary’s use of the areas of focus to prevent conflict, Identify conflicts and their root causes in your own communities and worldwide, Develop action steps toward creating peace, including strategies for your community, Connect with others interested in working toward peace. Friday, 22 June, 09:00-18:30 — includes lunch, a coffee break, and a reception. Saturday, 23 June, 08:00-12:30 — includes a coffee break. The summit is open to Rotarians, convention attendees, and local community members interested in working toward peace.

JUNE 23 – Jazz at the Acquarium – R I Convention Host Ticketed Event – 7:00 to 11:00 pm , Cost $120.00 Cdn per person. Register at

JUNE 23 – Rock at The Distillery District - R I Convention Host Ticketed Event – 6:00 to 10:00 pm – Cost: $120.00 Cdn per person. Register at

JUNE 24 to 27 - Rotary International Convention - Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For details, see:


JUNE 26 - Regular Meeting – tentative – Meeting Cancelled

JUNE 26 – Rotaryfest at the CNE - R I Convention Host Ticketed Event - 4:00 to 10:00 pm, Cost: $90.00 Cdn per person . Register at

Who is going to the Convention and who is going to which event. Dave has put together a chart for everyone to fill in and we will give it to everyine as the convention nears. Please fill in the a chart or send Dave an email on which events you are attending. He will fill in the chart and everyone in the club will be better informed - who is going where.



Here is just a partial list of ideas and our Rotarians who have volunteered to get these high-end items for the Silent Auction:

Premium Membership with CAA – Janice to call

Local Radio Station – Value of $500 of Advertising – Janice to call

Hair Salons - $100 Gift Certificates – Janice to call – Devon ARRANGED !!

Four massages from a day spa – Sonya to call

Dine Around Oshawa – multiple gift certificates from the Oshawa Area that we can package together – Jan to call (and everyone can help Jan get thses gift certificates)

Local caterer – to prepare and serve dinner for eight in your home – Dave Penney to call (perhaps Kevin)

Gift Certificate from local car wash for 20 car washes – Kim to call

Contact local golf pro for two free golf lessons – Mikeand Dave A to call ARRANGED !!

Ask a local plumber to donate a new toilet with installation – any volunteer to get this item ?

Lunch with the Mayor of Oshawa – Sonya to call - DECLINED THIS YEAR

Local Car dealer to provide 5 oil changes – Kim to call

Lunch with the Police Chief and a tour of the Station – Sonya / Stanley ARRANGED !!

Regent tickets – Sandy to provide ARRANGED !!

Tribute Centre – Box at a Generals Hockey game – Dave and Sonya to connect with them CIRQUE TICKETS ARRANGED !!

Sports Tickets – Raptors/Leaf tickets - Sonya to call

North End Bowl – Birthday party for 10 youngsters – Larry H / Sue to call ARRANGED !!

Local Lawyer to donate a will – Sue to call -ARRANGED !!

Books – trio of books – Sandy to provide – ARRANGED !!

Toronto Zoo – Family pass with a behind the scenes tour – Sue to call – NOT THIS YEAR

Package of Movie nights / Refreshments (from Landmark & from Odeon Cineplex) – any volunteers to get this package?

YMCA Membership for 1 year – ARRANGED !!

Holiday Inn Express – accommodation and dinner – Sonya to call

Port Hope Theatre – Fiddler on the Roof $39 each and a restaurant - Ted - ARRANGED !!

Ride in Police Helicopter OR Marine Boat – Stanley to call

Automotive Lover's package – Tour for a family of 4 - of Parkwood, Automotive Museum & GM - any volunteers to get this package ?

Bank – Safety Deposit Box for a year – any volunteers to get this package ?

Flowers a bouquet once a month for one year delivered – Janice confirmed DMP Florist – ARRANGED!!

Churchills / Melanie Lyn – package gift certificates together – Janice will acquire ARRANGED!!

Limo company – Marquis Limo and a Hotel in Toronto and dinner for a night – Janice to call

Jeweller – would like to get a really nice item for a possible draw

Winery Tour - Janice

We will all continue to think of prospects to connect with. We everyone in the club to participate and contribute a silent auction item for our evening.

We may be able to set up a Facebook Page with some of the major items, which will also entice the public to purchase tickets for the evening.

IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT, MAKE UP : Go online at go to the club locator and find a club or clubs near your destination. Or you can add the free App Rotary Club Locator to your phone for instant look up of any club in the world. Please mail or fax your make-ups to Secretary Robbie Larocque, or give your make-up card to the attendance/registration officer at the next club meeting.

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Oct 16, 2018 6:00 PM
His Annual Update to our Rotary Club
Oct 24, 2018 5:00 PM
World Polio Day - Broadcast Live from Durham College's New Global Classroom
Oct 30, 2018 6:00 PM
Spouses and Freinds Invited
Nov 06, 2018 6:00 PM
Their African Safari - our SPOUSES are Invited
Nov 13, 2018 6:00 PM
Speaker Name to be announced by Ted Morrison
Nov 20, 2018 6:00 PM
Speaker Name to be announced by Ted Morrison
Nov 27, 2018 6:00 PM
Club Assembly; Annual Meetings; Election of Officers
Dec 04, 2018 6:00 PM
Annual Participation House Christmas Party
Dec 11, 2018 6:00 PM
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