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Mailing Address: 96 KING ST. E., OSHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA L1H 1B6


ROTARY – People of Action

Rotary is where neighbours, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.

We're made up of local business, professional, and civic leaders. 

We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships and through that, we're able to get things done in our community. 

It's up to YOU.............Join leaders in our community

Be sure to share this with all of your friends and associates and ask them to get in touch with our Membership Chair Mike McLaren at 905-576-7878 or our Membership Director Sue MacKinnon at 905-391-1501 or our Club President Linda Porritt at 905-626-6386.

You are invited to our next Rotary meeting. You may wish to become a Rotarian. Dinner is on us. Isn't it time to give back to your community?.



ROTARY INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT:  Mark Maloney – Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama, USA

R.I. DISTRICT 7070 GOVERNOR:         Beth Selby - Rotary Club of Cobourg in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

ASSISTANT DISTRICT 7070 GOVERNOR: John Burns – Rotary Club of Bowmanville in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada



is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

FIRST The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

SECOND High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful

occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

THIRD The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life;

FOURTH The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of

business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.


Rotary Code of Conduct provides a framework for ethical behaviour that all Rotarians can use, together with The Four-Way Test, in their business and professional activities.


As a Rotarian, I will

  1. Exemplify the core value of integrity in all behaviours and activities

  2. Use my vocational experience and talents to serve in Rotary

  3. Conduct all of my personal, business, and professional affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others

  4. Be fair in all dealings with others and treat them with the respect due to them as fellow human beings

  5. Promote recognition and respect for all occupations which are useful to society

  6. Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community

  7. Honour the trust that Rotary and fellow Rotarians provide and not do anything that will bring disfavour or reflect adversely on Rotary or fellow Rotarians

  8. Not seek from a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship



of things we think, say and do:

  1. Is it the truth

  2. Is it fair to all concerned?

  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


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MINUTES OF MEETING:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019

            Paul Harris Awards Night

            Editor – David Andrews


ROTARY GRACE                                                                                                                     

O Lord, The Giver of all good,                                        

We thank Thee for our daily food                                  

May Rotary friends and Rotary ways                             

Help us to serve Thee all our days.


Grace:                          Robbie Larocque                        

O Canada:                   Peter Dueck                                                                                           

Toast To The Queen:  Dan Pantaleo                                                         



A warm welcome to our guest speaker, Past District Governor and Chair of the District 7070 Rotary Foundation Committee Michael Bell and Jo Ann Bell, Ab Gilbert (Rotary Club of Oshawa), and guests Sharron Morrison, Linda Biddle, Caroline Kipling, Patti Koski, Esther Trotter, Launi Elliott, and Jordan Etherington. Please come back again and visit us soon. You are always welcome.

And as always, a very warm welcome to our first (Charter) Rotary Club President and current Honorary member Terry Giles, visiting with us again.


Happy Birthday to Al Finnigan on May 20 and to David Mankiewicz on May 23.


Incoming President Lennis Trotter announced the June 25 meeting of the incoming Rotary Board at 5 PM, and asked that the Board have their committees in place by June 18 and forwarded to Dave Andrews so he can put them into the spreadsheet for all of the Board to review.

Attention to Club members: If you want to be on a certain committee next year (July 1 thru June 30), please get in touch with Lennis or the Director. A list of next year’s Board is on the Club website.

Past Pres Dave Andrews - FUTURE GUEST SPEAKERS: Do you have a prospective member in mind who just may be interested in joining Rotary? Invite them to a meeting. Now is the time to invite prospective members to attend upcoming meetings as our Speaker List is most IMPRESSIVE. Check out the Calendar of Events and the Club website for all of the details.

Incoming President Lennis announce that the next meeting of the Kids Safety Village Board and Committee would be August 12 at the Kids Safety Village. Time: 5:30 pm.

ROTARY FRIENDSHIP DAY IN OSHAWA: (tentative date: September 28, 2019 )– Once again, this year, our two Rotary Clubs in Oshawa will have our joint meeting of the Rotary Clubs of Oshawa and Oshawa-Parkwood. Noon to  1:30 pm at Parkwood, the estate of the late Colonel R. S. McLaughlin as both clubs host and bring back to life, District 7070  Rotary Friendship Day in Oshawa. Everyone in District 7070 is invited. Cost to be determined. You may bring guests as well.  A portion of your ticket price will go to The Rotary Foundation and will be credited to you next Paul Harris Fellow. Registration will open in the summer. This is an excellent opportunity for both of our Rotary clubs to work together again. You can register soon for you and your guest to attend Rotary Friendship Day in Oshawa at Parkwood Estate.

ROTARY FASHION SHOW: REMINDER - Janice Coupland - The revised date for the fashion show is now Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019.

ROTARY ZONE 24 7 32 CONFERENCE:  President Linda encouraged everyone to register for the 2019 Rotary Zone 24 & 32 Zone Conference - Zone Conference - September 19-21, 2019 in Niagara Falls. This is a great opportunity to meet more members of the Rotary family in a location close to home. The conference theme is “People Coming Together.” Be sure to Register TODAY.

ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP DAY WITH THE TORNTO ARGONAUTS: President Linda reminded us about The Rotary Clubs of Toronto and Toronto West exploring a renewed partnership with the Toronto Argonauts with a special focus on our common interest in Youth Services. The current proposal is for a Rotary Youth Leadership Day on the afternoon of Saturday, September 28, followed by the game at 7:00 p.m. There will be an opportunity to sponsor young people to attend the leadership session and also the opportunity to attend the game for a price that includes a donation to End Polio Now. Stay tuned.

WORLD POLIO DAY IN DURHAM REGION: October 24 – DETAILS TO FOLLOW  - Tentative details - 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm -  joint  meeting of Rotary Clubs of Oshawa and Oshawa-Parkwood hosting our 10 Durham Region Rotary Clubs in the new Global Classroom in the new Centre for  Collaborative  Education at Durham College where we will celebrate World Polio Day with leaders from around the world.  ALL ROTARIANS AND GUESTS IN DISTRICT 7070 ARE INVITED TO THE GLOBAL CLASSROOM . Cash bar and  hors d'oeuvres will be served. Cost to be determined for 2019 (last year we had it pegged at $25 per person , with a portion to be donated to The Rotary Foundation's Polio Eradictaion Initative and will credited to your next Paul  Harris Fellow.) Spouses, guests and prospective members are invited. We will see the live Rotary International livestream event and then,  we will livestream our event live to Rotary Clubs, Universities and colleges worldwide.  Proclamations from our cities and Durham region will be presented to all 10 Rotary Clubs in Durham Region. Dr. Bob Scott , our keynote speaker has already confirmed other speakers from around the world .

DISTRICT CONFERENCE – OCTOBER 25 – 27: REMINDER – Vice President Lennis Trotter – encouraged everyone to register TODAY, for the District 7070 Conference on Oct 25-27 held in Muskoka on Lake Rosseau. Cost to register is $349 per person. Rates for the Marriot are $135/night. Did you register? For all of the details and to help you register here is the link.

KIDS SAFETY VILLAGE HALLOWEEN HAUNT: OCTOBER 25 AND 26: SAVE THESE DATES: The next big VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES that we will have at the Kids Safety Village will be The Halloween Haunt on Oct 25 and 26 (and some preparation to spruce up the Village for Halloween, before these dates),

KIDS SAFETY VILLAGE : CHRISTMAS AT THE VILLAGE: and the Christmas at The Village on Nov 21,22 and 23 and also on Nov 28, 29 and 30 (plus some sprucing up The Village for Christmas before these dates).

SARGEANT AT ARMS: Tim Dwyre – ACE OF SPADES Draw and our Happy Toonies , tonight. Thank you, Tim.

THE ACE OF SPADES DRAW:   Winner:  Dr.Larry Hurren, who  drew the 4 of Spades and forgot to pick up his travel tubes of travel sized toothpaste courtesy of himself (Dr Larry Hurren) . The pot grows and the deck gets smaller.


On The Front Door: Hilda Finnigan

Bulletin Editor: Dave Andrews



On The Front Door:  Stanley Igboanugo

Bulletin Editor:          Hilda Finnigan



Sue MacKinnon  -  getting ready to go to the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg and then on to Berlin, and Munich. She got a great deal on the airfare from Berlin to Munich but her luggage will cost $46 per bag. Tim suggested an even better way to save.

Larry Hurren – now has the Miata out and running for the simmer. So far, no top down. Too cool.

Bob Stewart – a neighbour passed away and ask the daughter if he could cut down a tree that was growing over his pool. She said yes. Bob got the tree down  and decided to take down another tree in the neighbour’s back yard , and the daughter was not impressed.

Janice Coupland -  they had a wonderful Birthday party for a great-nephew. Kris and Jan tried golfing on the weekend but too cold. Kris and Jan cleaned the windows in the condo. Jan is having 10 ladies over to the condo and Kris has to clean up his office,  as soon as possible.

Robert Kipling – they have booked their flight to Saskatoon. Return flight costs $40 more than their return flight from Toronto to Lima Peru.

Terry Giles – a happy $5 that women are in Rotary. Way back in the late 70’s, one option that clubs had to consider was to sponsor all ladies’ clubs.  He is very glad that Rotary evolved the way it did, instead.

Ted Morrison – thanked Sandy McDowell and Oshawa Express for printing tonight’s special Paul Harris Night program and very happy that both Michael and JoAnn Bell were able to be here for out Paul Harris Awards Night,  Honouring those who have contributed to The Rotary Foundation and for the good that we do in the world, because of The Rotary Foundation.  

Lennis Trotter – not sure if it happy for him or happy for the club, but he and Esther are off to Hamburg and the Rotary International Convention and then a vacation in Europe for a month. Safe travels, one and all.

Page 3 - May 21, 2019

GUEST SPEAKER: Michael Bell. Past District Governor and Chair of the District Rotary Foundation Committee

Topic: The Rotary Foundation’s Major Gift Initiative – and Partnership with CUSO International

Ted Morrison, who arranged the entire evening, welcomed us all to the Annual Paul Harris Awards Night where we pay tribute to those who have contributed to The Rotary Foundation and have reached their next level of honour. Ted told us how important it is for all of us to give to The Rotary Foundation.  He introduced Past District Governor and Chair of the District 7070 Rotary Foundation Committee , who just got back from seeing one of the newest programs as the Rotary Foundation’s Major Gifts Initiative pilot project in the area of maternal and child health and the partnership Rotary has with CUSO International and the birthing kits that we  helped make possible to deliver to the Midwives Save Lives program in Ethiopia.

Michael thanked our Rotary Club for being one of 25 Rotary Clubs in District 7070 (along with 6 personal donators) who contributed to the Midwives Save Lives birthing kits in Ethiopia.

Michael quoted David C. Forward , Rotarian and author of “The Rotary Foundation, Doing Good In The World”, who wrote, “No matter how worthy the cause or how noble its work, no charity, foundation or house of worship can survive without financial support”.

Today, Rotary is looking for us to create new opportunities and partnerships for the purpose of doing just that…. Doing Good In The World”. We have club projects, District Grants and Global Grants on one side of the spectrum and we have world leaders through partnerships with the Gates Foundation for Polio Eradication at the other end . Rotary is now looking for partnerships in between. To that end, the Rotary Foundation has created “The major Gifts Initiative” building a $30 million US war chest for each of the 6 areas of focus in order to be able to match and partner with, for example, another NGO.

In District 7070, we have done just that…. The opportunity to break new ground with our pilot partnership project with CUSO International (Canada University Students Overseas). CUSO works to reduce poverty and inequality through efforts of their highly skilled volunteers, partners, and donors. Their mission and vision and three areas of focus : community, health and livelihood very much align with Rotary’s 6 areas of focus.  

For the last 6 months, Rotarians Chris Snyder (Toronto), Ian Lancaster (Toronto Sunrise) and Michael (Etobicoke) have been working on this project to provide 100 plus birthing kits for the CUSO program “Midwives Save Lives” in Ethiopia. Ian , and Michael, along with other District Rotarians just returned from Ethiopia from conducting a needs assessment as part of a District Global Grant Application. Conditions at the hospitals and health centres were horrible. The best day there, was what we would call the worst day in a MASH unit. No supplies or instruments to work with for the dedicated doctors and nurses (for example: one stethoscope and one thermometer form 10 nurses). Michael said it was very life changing, and now has a greater appreciation for what we have in Canada.

Just like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation realized that Rotary had the best infrastructure for vaccinating children against polio, Rotary has recognized that CUSO has the best infrastructure in place in Ethiopia so the partnership makes sense on so many levels. All of the funds that Rotary raises, here in District 7070, goes to provide the birthing kits for the CUSO “Midwives Save Lives” program. Partnering with Rotary allows CUSO to access matching funding from the Canadian Government, depending on the project, anywhere from a 9 to 1 ratio to a 13 to 1 ratio. Because this is a maternal and Child Health Project, it qualifies CUSO to receive the 13 to 1 ratio from the Canadian Government. The Global Grant will be $80,000 US which will be match to total over $2 million US. The Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood has helped to contribute to this $2 million US humanitarian project in Ethiopia. The Canadian Government will provide CUSO to train more midwives and do more humanitarian work in Ethiopia.

Michael noted that the WHO has reported that Ethiopia has one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rate ratios with an average of 675 maternal deaths per 100,000 births. In Canada we have 7.2 maternal deaths per 100,000 births.

Michael added that we are excited and hopeful that this pilot project between CUSO and Rotary will lead to future partnerships with other Rotary Clubs in the 22 District across Canada for the purpose of increasing our humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Michael then showed us a slide presentation of his trip to 2 locations in rural Ethiopia (Asossa and Bale Robe) and the terrible conditions that doctors and nurses have in those two rural hospital centres. District 7070 works with the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Entoto on the Global Grant application. A great start. And it just so happens that the sister of the President of Ethiopia is a member of that Rotary Club.

He closed with his favourite words from Usha Saboo (wife of Past R I Pres R. K Saboo): “When you give of your time in service… you touch lives.  When you give of your resources… you uplift lives. When you give of both your time and your resources with love and compassion… you yourself become a gift to humanity and to the world.”

A very special thank you to our Past District Governor Ted Morrison (who is also the Chair of the District 7070 Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund) for arranging a very special evening for our Rotary Club.

Ted Morrison, with the help of Past District Governor Michael Bell, presented Paul Harris Pins to those who have donated to the Rotary Foundation and achieved their next levels: President Linda Porritt (PH + 1); Janice Coupland (PH + 1); Lennis Trotter (PH + 2) and to David Penney who became a benefactor. Ted then presented, on behalf of the Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood a Paul Harris Fellow Award (PH +5) to Dave Andrews for his efforts last October 24 to livestream to the entire world, from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and the Global Classroom at Durham College, the World Polio Day festivities from Oshawa, and from Rotary international.

Ted closed his portion of the Annual Paul Harris Awards Night letting us know that there are still 5 weeks left in this Rotary year and there is no time like the present to make a donation to one or two or to all three of the funds that make up the Rotary Foundation. Ted went on to say that we were all very blessed to have Past District Governor Bill Patchett with us for so long. Bill encouraged us all for so many years to donate to the Rotary Foundation and always led by example. Ted, and the District 7070 Rotary Foundation Committee are already working hard to come up with a special program for the 2019-20 Rotary Year to encourage us all to make our donations to The Rotary Foundation and just a little more, in honour of Bill. Stay tuned for all of the details.

President Linda thanked Past District Governors Ted Morrison and Michael Bell for their presentations on Paul Harris Awards Night 2019.


IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT, MAKE UP: Go online at go to the club locator and find a club or clubs near your destination. Or you can add the free App Rotary Club Locator to your phone for instant look up of any club in the world. Please mail or fax your make-ups to Secretary Robbie Larocque, or give your make-up card to the attendance/registration officer at the next club meeting.


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