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Mailing Address: 96 KING ST. E., OSHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA L1H 1B6


ROTARY – People of Action

Rotary is where neighbours, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.

We're made up of local business, professional, and civic leaders. 

We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships and through that, we're able to get things done in our community. 

It's up to YOU.............Join leaders in our community

Be sure to share this with all of your friends and associates and ask them to get in touch with our Membership Chair Mike McLaren at 905-576-7878 or our Membership Director Sue MacKinnon at 905-391-1501 or our Club President Linda Porritt at 905-626-6386.

You are invited to our next Rotary meeting. You may wish to become a Rotarian. Dinner is on us. Isn't it time to give back to your community?.



ROTARY INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT:  Mark Maloney – Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama, USA

R.I. DISTRICT 7070 GOVERNOR:         Beth Selby - Rotary Club of Cobourg in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

ASSISTANT DISTRICT 7070 GOVERNOR: John Burns – Rotary Club of Bowmanville in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada



is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

FIRST The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;

SECOND High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful

occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;

THIRD The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life;

FOURTH The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of

business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.


Rotary Code of Conduct provides a framework for ethical behaviour that all Rotarians can use, together with The Four-Way Test, in their business and professional activities.


As a Rotarian, I will

  1. Exemplify the core value of integrity in all behaviours and activities

  2. Use my vocational experience and talents to serve in Rotary

  3. Conduct all of my personal, business, and professional affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others

  4. Be fair in all dealings with others and treat them with the respect due to them as fellow human beings

  5. Promote recognition and respect for all occupations which are useful to society

  6. Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community

  7. Honour the trust that Rotary and fellow Rotarians provide and not do anything that will bring disfavour or reflect adversely on Rotary or fellow Rotarians

  8. Not seek from a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship



of things we think, say and do:

  1. Is it the truth

  2. Is it fair to all concerned?

  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


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Editor – David Andrews


ROTARY GRACE                                                                                                                     

O Lord, The Giver of all good,                                        

We thank Thee for our daily food                                  

May Rotary friends and Rotary ways                             

Help us to serve Thee all our days.


Grace:                           Heather Drakes

O Canada:                     Peter Dueck

 Toast To The Queen:    David Penney                                                                    



Please welcome Jackie Schagen and he husband Andrew Schagen, and spouses Craig Porritt, Sharron Morrison, Esther Trotter, Patty Koski, Jan Penney, Colleen McLaren, Caroline Kipling, Linda Biddle and Mark Blackmore



Happy Birthday to Linda Porritt on July 16 CHA CHA CHA, and to Chris Birrell on July 11.









Ted Morrison reminded everyone on his team  of our first  Bingo with the new Roster for the Red Barn on July 13 – be there by 3 PM. Bingo starts at 3:30 pm and finishes about 5:45 after cleanup.

Pres. Lennis Trotter reminded us that Ron Murdock passed away. He was a former member of the Rotary Clubs of Oshawa-Parkwood, Whitby-Sunrise and Whitby. Ron was the founder of Partners In Service, onr organization of 24 service clubs of Durham Region that helped so many individuals in Durham region. Visitation starts at 10 am and the funeral is at 11 am on Saturday July 13 at MAK Funeral Home.

Devon Biddle told us about the Celebration of Life for our Past President Dr Madhu Hampole that was held on Sunday July 7 at the Oshawa Golf Club . Many of our club members attended.  Many speeches by the family. A well deserving send-off to a very well liked and honoured member of our community.

Past President Linda told us about the District Governor Changeover and District 7070 Awards Presentations - Sunday July 7 - 2pm -4pm at the Scarborough Golf Club. All Rotarians in District 7070 are invited to attend. Story in the Special Edition of the District Newsletter and Photos are on the District website.

REMINDER: The Eastern Rotary Clubs in District 7070 are having their annual Interclub BBQ - August 19  in Brighton at Proctor Park, 96 Young Street, Brighton, ON  K0K 1H0  from 5 to 8 PM

Sandy McDowell – Kids Safety Village Bingo - volunteers requested for training session July 30 - 5:30pm (at the Delta Bingo  - Pickering) - Lennis , Robbie, Ted Sue and Devon are going


July 16     Front Desk Robbie Larocque            Bulletin Editor and  Greeter  Ted Morrison

July 23     Front Desk Kris Sachdeva               Bulletin Editor and  Greeter Sandy McDowell

July 30     Front Desk  ????????                    Bulletin Editor and  Greeter  ????????

Aug  6      Front Desk  Hilda Finnigan               Bulletin Editor and  Greeter  Dave Andrews

Aug 13     Front Desk  David Penney                Bulletin Editor and  Greeter  Dave Andrews

Aug 20     Front Desk  Kim Boatman                Bulletin Editor and  Greeter  Hilda Finnigan

Aug 27     Front Desk  Sandy McDowell         Bulletin Editor and  Greeter  Bob Stewart

(Editor’s note: If you cannot be available for these duties, please find a replacement)


SARGEANT AT ARMS REPORT: Ted Morrison filled in admirably


Winner: Hilda Finnigan  who drew the 4 of Diamonds and won a tube of tooth paste, just in time for her trip to Newfoundland, compliments of Dr. Larry Hurren. The deck gets smaller and the pot get bigger.


HAPPY TOONIES  (thanks to Ted… WOW…  our best night ever)

Robbie Larocque  - thanks to Ted , he is happy

Al Finnigan – happy to be off to Newfoundland

Hilda Finnigan – off to Newfoundland too

Dan Pantaleo – very happy tonight

Craig Porritt – happy to be getting a new truck (the old one is a write off)

Linda Porritt – happy to chair her last meeting and starting vacation on Saturday

Dave Andrews – thank you Linda for a fantastic year

Terry Giles – happy to see his name as first President in the program. And happy he is here to see it.

Heather Drakes – happy that Mark is here tonight with her and she is looking forward to the new Rotary year

Stanley Igboanugo – happy that Chidinma is finally back with us full time

Mike McLaren – he lost to Al on the 18th hole at Oshawa . Al loves this hole, but mike is still up overall. Happy Colleen here too.

Colleen McLaren – happy that her mother’s angiogram tests showed no blockages

Kris Sachdeva – happy to be here and to be alive

Robert Kipling – happy to start their vacation back to Saskatoon

Jackie Schagen – happy to be at the Prince Edward County Lavender fest this past weekend

Kim Boatman – happy to have Heather as a committee chair, happy to see Jackie, thank you to Linda and looking forward  to having Lennis as President

Sandy – thank you to Linda and thank you to lennis for stepping up to the plate one more time as Pres

Linda Biddle – happy to be at the table of siblings (Kim and Sandy) and also (Robert and Linda)

Lennis Trotter – happy to be happy

Peter Dueck – happy too

Pat Dyck – an excellent evening tonight

David Penney – happy to be a year full of excitement with Lennis at the helm

Bob Koski – happy that Lennis is taking over the helm

Terry Giles – happy to have so many ladies in Rotary

Sue MacKinnon – happy

Ted Morrison – very happy. Don’t know why. Just happy. He feels like Al Finnigan and his foot. The new floors are still on  order no sign yet.

Page 3 - July 9, 2019


President Linda handed out the Prefect Attendance Pins to the largest number of Rotarians in our club’s history. Many Rotarian received perfect attendance during the 2018-19 Rotary year and received their Perfect Attendance Pin.  They were not at all of our meetings  but they were at committee meetings. Board meetings, community and international service events, District events and meetings, conferences and conventions. Well done to our awardees:

Kim Boatman  - 1 year

Janice Coupland – 1 year

Tim Dwyre – 1 year

Sue MacKinnon – 1 year

Sandy McDowell – 1 year

David Penney – 2 years

Kris Sachdeva – 2 years

Linda Porritt – 3 years

Ted Morrsion – 4 years

Dave Andrews - -9 years

Lennis Trotter – 43 years  - every year our club has been in existence


Pres Linda called on Past District Governor Ted Morrison to make some special presentations:

Rotary Foundation Benefactor – certificate and pin to David Penney. A benefactor to the Rotary Foundation means that in your will, you will leave a minimum of $1,000 US Funds, to The Rotary Foundation. Congratulations David. Ted noted that 15 of our 33 members are benefactors to The Rotary Foundation. Well done. Ted encourage ALL of our members to consider this donation in their will.

Ted then told us the history of how women became members of Rotary and recognized this to be the 30th anniversary of accepting women in Rotary. Here is a link to the history. Ted awarded ‘Women 30 years in Rotary” Pins to  our lady members: Hilda Finnigan (our first female President); Sue MacKinnon, Linda Porritt, Janice Coupland, Heather Drakes, Pat Dyck. Chidinma Igboanugo. Kim Boatman,  and Sandy McDowell.


President Linda congratulated every member of the club on a job well done. We are going to receive the Rotary Citation again this year. We get more done, especially on our core projects than many clubs she has visited and other Presidents she has talked with. Our accomplishments go above and beyond as we drive ourselves.

President Linda presented awards to Rotarians who assisted with achieving our many goals in 2018-19:

President’s Award to Tim Dwyre -  who stepped in and filled the many roles of Sgt at Arms and registration whenever Needed


President’s Award to Sue MacKinnon, our membership director who worked to ensure a net gain of members, followed up on many leads, developed a new procedure for handling member leads, continued to serve on the Kids Safety Village  Board and served as a role model by attending many club, district, and international events.  






President’s Award to Robbie Larocque (our Secretary) , and as co chair of our Reverse Draw Committee ,he helped  achieve the highest fundraising total in many years . As secretary he kept all of the minutes and acted as a role model on  many club activities, events and functions.






President’s Award to Devon Biddle – (our Treasurer), who ensure the financial health of our Club. He managed all Nevada ticket sales, licenses, applications, bingos. Dues, cakes and hams sales and profits, and served as chair of the  District 7070 Audit Committee and as a role model in all activities at the club, District and International level.






Service Above Self Award to Hilda Finnigan – Hilda was always available to run the registration desk, sell tickets to all events, organize events and people, making sure we were on track. She looked after our flowers to our retired members, and chaired club service and bulletin and speakers functions.






Service Above Self Award to David Andrews – Dave met the 3 requirements for the Rotary Citation, added the people of action series on key members in the media (with president Linda), chaired the Superbowl raffle, worked on the cakes and hams and the Reverse Draw, the Friendship Day committee, and co-chaired the World Polio Day event at Durham College that was broadcast all over the world. He was chair of Public image for the club and for District 7070, attending many club, district and international events.  





Community Service Award to Kim Boatman – our Director of Community and Youth Service. Kim continued to support  the Rotaract Club of DC/UOIT, keeping in touch with our District 7070 Rotaract Rep, Carolina, finding a RYLA awardee , cochaired the highly successful Reverse Draw , continued with our Participation House Christmas Party, helped Mary Street School Girls empowerment and the McLaughlin Art Gallery Awards.










Club Service Award to Janice Coupland – Our District of Club Service – Jan was successful in completing our members dates of birth and entering them into the database. Her leadership was most appreciated at Friendship Day, World polio Day, Participation House Christmas party and the Reverse Draw. Her themed dinner nights were a tremendous success and are already scheduled for 19-20 as are all of our fun nights with spouses and friends throughout the year. We also thank her on being Chair of the Community Service committee and acting as a role model in many District and International functions.






Club Service Award to Sandy McDowell – We thank Sandy for organizing our major new fundraisers in two locations  - for our Club at the Red Barn, and for the Kids Safety Village at Delta in Pickering. We thank her for her service as a Board member of the Kids Safety Village and thank her for her tremendous work on the Grans re-Opening of the Kids Safety Village.






International Service Award to Kris Sachdeva – Our Director of International Service – We thank Kris for his work on the Board of Directors and his tremendously successful Global Grant Project with the school in India, and all of the detailed work that went into it. We thank Kris for being a role model , participating in many District and International vents throughout the year.






International Service Award to Ted Morrison – Our Director of The Rotary Foundation – We thank Ted for organizing the second highly successful Kids Against Hunger project with 4 Rotary Clubs, his tremendous work on the World Polio Day, his achievement of averaging $100 per member to the Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund, and spearheading the brand new initiative “ A Mil for Bill” , his work on Friendship Day , and acting as a role model to so many Rotarians with his work at the District and at International functions.




Rotarian of The Year Award to Lennis Trotter – Our Vice president -  We thank Lennis for his outstanding work on the Kids Safety Village Project for over 20 years culminating with the Grand Re-opening on Sept 22, 2018. Over 1,500 hours on this project in the last two years alone.







Special Award for Service to Ted Morrison – President Linda presented Ted with a Special Certificate of Appreciation Award for Service as  President of our club in 2017-18 for the second time. Thank you for your leadership.






President Linda added that , in addition to these accomplishments:

We also increased our membership by welcoming Dan Pantaleo, Heather Drakes, Dr.Colin Carrie, and welcomed back Al Finnigan.

 We increased our hands-on project participation at the Kids Safety Village. Kids Against Hunger, and Community with Brooms.

We highlighted our club members as People of Action through a series of articles in The Oshawa Express. (Editor’s Note:Thank you to Linda Porritt and to Sandy McDowell and to Kim Boatman). 

We enjoyed craft talks by Dan Pantaleo, Dr Kris Sachdeva and Tim Dwyre.

We varied our program content with informative speakers.

We were very successful with RYLA and our Global grant.

 We improved our member retention.

We carried out a number of successful events: Friendship Day, Community With Brooms, World polio Day, and Kids Against Hunger.

We continued to have fun and be a strong and generous Rotary Club, working in harmony with many community partners and with other Rotary Clubs, locally and internationally.

Linda presented Lennis with his President Pin and turned the gavel over to President Lennis.

President Lennis presented past President Linda with her Past President Pin and he Past President Gavel Plaque

President Lennis presented Sue with her Vice President Pin.


President Lennis Remarks:

President Lennis announced that the Board of Director has voted to accept the membership application of Jackie Schagen. The next step will be her meeting with the Rotary Information meeting and vote by the members before she can be inducted.

He thanked Past President Linda for leading the Club on so many accomplishments in 18-19.

Lennis introduced us to the new Rotary International President Mark Maloney and his theme : Rotary Connects the World.

Here is a link to President Mark Maloney and his theme and the goals that he has set for 19-20.

 He introduced us to our new District Governor Beth Selby (from Cobourg) who will be meeting with us on September 24.

President Lennis encourage all of our members to support our club and our District Governeor and Rotary and our service to our local and international communities and he highlighted some major events coming up:

Sept 8 – Rotary Foundation Walk at Humber College  

Sept 24 – District Governor  Beth Selby visit to our clubs (Oshawa, Oshawa-Parkwood, Bowmanville)

Oct 24 – World Polio Day at Durham College

Oct 25 to 27 – District Conference in Muskoka


Next week, the club directors will be introducing our goals for 19-20.

Thank you very much to Devon and Linda Biddle for hosting us at their home, after the meeting as we thanked Past

 President Linda for her successful year, and thanked President Lennis for leading us in 19-20.  

IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT, MAKE UP : Go online at go to the club locator and find a club or clubs near your destination. Or you can add the free App Rotary Club Locator to your phone for instant look up of any club in the world. Please mail or fax your make-ups to Secretary Robbie Larocque, or give your make-up card to the attendance/registration officer at the next club meeting.

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