Sgt Tim Dwyre conducted our Draw tonight. Thank you, Bob.


Winner:  VP Lennis Trotter                                          Card Drawn: ACE of clubs… the deck of Cards get smaller.

Thank you to Dr Larry Hurren for supplying our consolation prize of travel sized tooth paste.



On The Front Door: Janice Coupland

Bulletin Editor: Bob Stewart

Greeter:  Bob Stewart


Dan Pantaleo – happy $ 3 as he invited a prospective member to come to our Rotary Club and see if they may be interested in joining. This was the first time he has “asked.

Devon – on his family trip to Maui, he used 2 airlines … Westjet and Air Canada. On the return trip, the Boeing planes were grounded which caused overbooking and understaffing by both airlines. Everyone in the family eventually got on the planes but not in the seats they were assigned. That means a refund on the cost of seat selection. Westjet looked after Devon with one phone call. Air Canada??? After Emails, phone calls, info sent and they might get around to reviewing Devon’s request for refund sometime in the next 3 months.

Terry Giles – reminisced about our club at charter needing 25 members. We did that and Terry knew that our club grew to , at one time, 50 members. He also sees us closer to the original number and recognizes that the demands of time on people have changed so much in our 43 year history – much tougher to get young members to join.

Larry talked about an older gentleman going to the doctor and being a “little patient: when he had to wait so long to see the doctor. Larry also had a good news – bad news story. At the table, they talked about someone getting a root canal. Bad news for the patient but good news for the dentist. Then Larry realized that sitting at his table were three undertakers and he hoped that all he could see was good news for Larry but bad news for them.

Pres Linda – is finally feeling a bit better after several weeks . She was also pleased to see that Porter will be flying to Muskoka, just in time for our District Conference. A 20-minute journey from downtown Toronto.   

Lennis – took the family to Medieval Times . He is going south next week but will be back in time for his turn at Bingo.

Dave A – happy to get e very good check-up from his dentist, Dr Larry Hurrren, and very glad to get for our Reverse Draw, a $300 Oral B Genius Electric Toothbrush and gift package. Thank you, Larry.



President Linda introduced or guest speaker, our very own Tim Dwyre, who presented us with a reclassification talk for all of the old and new members. She said it certainly was very GOOD news when Tim decided to re-join our Rotary Club.

Tim said, one day, he was in to see Dr Kris and thanks to Kris, Tim came back to Rotary and to our Rotary Club.

Tim’s humor is still in fine form as he told us all about his past and present.

He started off with a photo of himself at 3 months and it looked more like 3 years old.

He worked from the age of 10 , haying for a local farmer, then stoking coal into hoppers in a housing development. He lived in Kingston, and received both academic and athletic letter in high school.  In the summers, he worked as a deck hand on the Thousand Island Tour boats.

He graduated from St Lawrence College in Kingston and worked in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, (the gingerbread capital of Ontario) as Clerk – Treasurer and tax collector, and a secretary – treasurer of every organization in town. He was then involved in obtaining a Wintario grant for the town and rebuilding the community centre. The admin asst became his wife Ann and they have three children.

They moved to Pittsford Township (home of CFB Kingston, Fort Henry, the Rideau Canal, and Joyceville Penitentiary) in a similar capacity. And put in a water and sewer system.

In August 1979, they moved to Oshawa (on Halloween night) with next to no furniture but had hundreds of kids at the door. He has been there for over 40 years in that house in a very good neighbourhood.  He started as a realty tax collector and moved on to become tax collector for the City of Oshawa.

Tim has been a members and head of many tax collection associations and authored many policies and government bills that are still used today.

He has had some interesting cases over the years like the time someone called and wanted to kill him. Or the time a man with a baseball bat came in to the counter. And getting the contents form pet in garbage bags on the tax counter.

Tim has also volunteered most of his life. He was Santa for many civic functions over the years (again, many stories). He is a past President of the Oshawa Jaycees and now a senator of the Jaycees International. He has chaired the United Way campaign for the City , and also Ducks Unlimited.

He received The Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Confederation, in 1992, signed by the Governor General of Canada and presented to Tim by MPP Alan Pilkey, in recognition of his significant contribution to compatriots, community and to Canada.


Pres Linda also thanked Tim and noted that since Tim retired, our tax bills that we receive no longer have any name on them, not like when Tim was in charge. No one can take your place , Tim. We Thank You.


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