MINUTES OF MEETING : January 8. 2019 
ROTARY GRACE                                                                                                                     
O Lord, The Giver of all good,                                        
We thank Thee for our daily food                                  
May Rotary friends and Rotary ways                             
Help us to serve Thee all our days.
Grace:  Ted Morrison
O Canada: David Penney
Toast To The Queen: Lennis Trotter                                                                                          
Visiting Rotarian: Mike Alexander
Margret Nason – Birthday, Januay10, 2019
Rhonda Stewart – Birthday, Januay12, 2019
Kim announced that we had a wonderful December of giving. We shared with Sharon’s Kids, Simcoe Hall Settlement House and had wonderful party for Participation House.
Kim extended a great thanks to the Participation House party organizer Janice. With a special thanks to Kris, Kris’ daughter and Larry for their donations to the Christmas presents given to the P/H clients.
Kim noted that we as Oshawa-Parkwood are their only event at Christmas and they so excited to participate.
Sue announced that she will be attending a Membership Workshop on January 12. If anyone wishes to attend she will be driving so carpooling is available.
Sue also announced that she will be attending another workshop on membership on January 30 in Vaughan.
Lennis announced that he attended Dave Ryan’s funeral.
Lennis announced that the next meeting of the Kids’ Safety Village is January 13.
Lennis announced a Ways & Means Committee will be held on January 14.
Ted announced that the Cakes and Ham sales were a success. We sold more units then last year making some $3200.00 in profit. There is some bad news with this story. 5 people sold most of these cakes and hams! Looking forward Ted suggested that each Rotarian should try to sell 10 units each.
Ted announced that the York Club will be hosting their Annual Chinese New Year on February 8 (cost $60.00 per person)
Ted announced that the Whitby Sunrise Club will be hosting their Savour the Flavour event on January 30 (cost $85.00 per person)
Ted announced that it is time to begin looking for silent auction merchandise and services for our Reverse Draw. Once again if each Rotarian could find two or three S/A items the silent auction would be a better success.
Ted announced that it is his Team up for Bingo on Saturday.
Robbie announced that Reverse draw tickets are now available for distribution and sale. Kindly see him for tickets, kindly remember this is one of our annual major fundraisers.
Linda announced that on January 16 the Feed It Forward event is being held cost $25.00.
Linda announced that the east York Club will be hosting a Robbie Burns evening on January 25 cost $75.00.
Linda announced that on January 23 there will be a Cocktail Style event in celebration of the Anniversary celebrating 30 years of Women in Rotary cost $30.00.
Linda announced that the early bird pricing for the District Conference ends on March 15.
Linda announced that one of our newest Rotarians has been promoted to Sergeant. Congratulate her the next time she is at Rotary.
Linda asked Kris for an update on our fellow Rotarian, Dave Andrews, and his hip replacement surgery. Kris announced that Dave is pain free.
Ted announced that the Feed the Need concert held before Christmas raised some $13 000.00.
Ted announced that we are organizing another Kids’ against Hunger food packaging event in May. We are looking to partner with three other Club and will look to package 30 000 meals for the needy.
Winner: Lennis   Card Drawn: 9 of Clubs                .    


On The Front Door: Peter Dueck

Bulletin Editor: Robbie

Greeter:  Robbie

 (Editor’s note: If you cannot be on the door, please find a replacement)