MINUTES OF ZOOM MEETING:  Tuesday, June 29, 2021

                              Editor:  Hilda Finnigan


Rotarians On The Call:    

Ted Morrison, Allan Finnigan, Lennis Trotter, Hilda Finnigan, President Sue, Larry Hurren, Dave Andrews, Ana Rejab, Janice Coupland, Kris Sachdeva, Dave Penney, Bill Creamer, Heather Drakes, Robert Kipling, Bob Koski, Chidinma Igboanugo



Sharron Morrison, Esther Trotter, Kay Hurren, Jan Penney, Caroline Kipling, Patti Koski               

So Happy to see faces we have been missing throughout this COVID time


Meeting Called to Order at 7:05 pm by President Sue Sue who welcomed our guests and related the highlights of her year as our President; a year like no other.  (see notes below for more)


None this week


DUES are due!!  Invoices have been sent.

Catch the Ace is active June 30, 2021 at 8 AM – well advertised on several Facebook sites; buy your tickets and encourage friends of Rotary to do the same. Thanks to Committee members Lennis Trotter, Dave Andrews, David Penney, Bob Koski and Pres. Sue.

Check Presentation - (our grant) to Waverly Public School on Saturday June 26 was attended by Parkwood Rotarians, school staff and students – watch for pictures in SNAP and on Facebook. Thanks to President Sue and Ana for sandwiches and dessert.


Rotary District 7070 Year End Celebration – Wednesday June 30 @ 7PM; Thank You to outgoing District Governor Mark Chipman ( 20/21 – again a year like no other); welcome to 21/22 District Governor Ron Dick

Tuesday Talks – July 13 @ 7PM – District Governor Ron Dick will review his plans for the 21/22 Rotary Year – members are encouraged to attend.  Our Parkwood meeting that evening will be 6:30 – 7:00.  Let Dave Andrews know if you plan to attend; he will register for you.

Moving On – Heather Drakes thanked the members of Oshawa Parkwood for their support over the past 2 ½ years.  Her Rotary journey is continuing as she charters a Hybrid Club as of July 1/2021. Therefore, she will not be renewing her membership with Oshawa Parkwood. Her work at the District level continues as she takes on several positions and responsibilities.

COVID Update – Kris Sachdeva noted that cases are down as vaccinations increase. Research continues to determine the safety of vaccinating children under age 12. Phizer has been approved for those age 12 – 17. Delta variant is more prevalent and those unvaccinated are easily infected and getting sick.




Jan Coupland spoke to Linda Biddle on her Birthday June 28; Linda was happy  for the call and planning to go to dinner at Robert and Caroline’s home

Jan complimented Pres. Sue for her leadership as President noting that she (Sue) was a relatively new member             when she assumed this position.

Jan also spoke of a potential partnership with The Station Gallery in Whitby (may be a venue for future events). Jan and Kris are sponsors for this Gallery and the lounge area has been named the Sachdeva Lounge.

Larry Hurren is happy that his son has been called back to work at new Ajax Casino where they are  preparing for reopening.

Bill Creamer commented on Ana’s very clever six year old who put us all to shame identifying flags and geographical sites.

Hilda Finnigan noted his concern for her bruised arm which she told him was due to “old skin”; her great grand daughter (also six years old)  now introduces her as  “her old Gramma”!!

Pres. Sue met Patti and Bob Koski going the wrong way in a grocery aisle; Patti and Bob also  commented on this noting it is difficult to recognize one another with masks and long hair!  Sue  says two more days until a “proper” hair cut.

Ted Morrison spoke briefly about POLIO; as of January 2021, only one new case (of wild polio virus)  in the world, that being in Afghanistan.  Sadly, recently in Afghanistan, five vaccinators were  shot and killed by the Taliban. This happened in five separate incidents, all on the same day  indicating that this was planned even though these vaccinators are protected by troops. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative compensates the families of these brave folks. The Gates Foundation continues to match our donations 2/1 (one dollar from us and two dollars from Gates) and The Rotary Foundation of Canada has contributed $1 million to Polio eradication.



Our speakers tonight needed no introduction.  President Sue shared highlights and successes of her year as President, thanking her Board and fellow Rotarians for their support. Although ZOOM was not ideal and some simply did not like our Club was able to continue fundraising and donate more than $25,000 locally and Internationally.

We supported Feed the Need, Back Mission, Grandview Children’s Centre. LAOS, and St Vincents Grenadines to name just a few.

Through “Partners in Service” we helped a family repair their vehicle and then went on to provide Christmas for the family of 10. Eight children, seven of whom are “special needs”.

Our fundraising efforts included partnering with the Oshawa Rotary Club for Bottle Drives and selling Christmas Trees and brand new venture “selling manure”. 

Pres. Sue is happy to pass the Gavel to David Penney and assures they will both have a great time in Chicago (both Presidents will be invited to go in Oct 2021). 

President Elect Dave thanked Pres. Sue for a great year, making the best of the challenges presented by COVID.

He is honoured to have the opportunity to be President of Oshawa Parkwood for the 2021/22 Rotary Year and looks forward to leading us to a new normal, allowing for in person meetings and fundraisers.

His focus will be to run as many fundraisers as we can manage providing opportunity for our members to work together enjoying fellowship, service and action.

In closing Dave reminded us to 1) buy a Catch The Ace ticket  2) check out our Website; and thanked President Sue once again for her leadership, persistence and flexibility, saying she should wear her Past Presidents’ pin with pride and display her wall plaque.

                                    SEE   AWARDS   AND   MORE   INFORMATION  BELOW


Perfect Attendance awards:  Lennis Trotter 45 years, Ted Morrison 8 years, Hilda Finnigan 3 years, Al Finnigan 3 years, Sue MacKinnon 3 years, David Penney 7 years, Jan Coupland 3 years, Kris Sachdeva 4 years, Robbie Larocque 7 years,
Heather Drakes 1 year, Bill Creamer 1 year and Dave Andrews 14 years.

President pin was presented to Dave Penney on June 26 at the Waverly School event; pictures were taken by Snap and Dave Andrews.

Paul Harris Award to Lennis Trotter – He guided us through the beginning of Covid to a great year 2019-2020  His leadership and coaching was appreciated.

Outstanding contribution to all of those on this zoom call!  Our core group of members that were on the zoom call were the ones that carried our group through this challenging year, including John Kellam with our newest fundraiser.  You were dependable and made this year of fundraising and trying new projects possible.  Thank you for zooming!

Outstanding service to Dave Andrews – for his involvement at the club and district level and beyond.  Our executive secretary and our go to guy!

I would like to acknowledge one member for her dedication to district.  Public Image Committee, District Membership, District Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, District Leadership and EarlyAct , Heather Drakes.

Adjourned Approx 8:05 pm





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