MINUTES OF ZOOM MEETING:  Tuesday, March 2, 2021

                              Editor:  Janice Coupland



March 3 is Elfrida and Peter Dueck anniversary


On the Zoom Call Tonight:

Dave Andrews, Sue MacKinnon, Kris Sachdeva, Jan Coupland, Dave Penney, Ted Morrison,

Larry Hurren, Bill Creamer, Lennis Trotter, Hilda Finnigan, Al Finnigan, and Robbie Lacroque



John Currie (Exec Director Rotary Honouring Indigenous Peoples) and President of the Rotary Club of Pickering



WELCOME our Guest John Currie, Executive Director Rotary Honouring Indegenious People

March is Women’s history month and I have found a poem to share:

To all you beautiful women who have been part of my life,

I am glad you shared in my joys and supported me in moments of strife.

On you, may God's abundant blessings pour,
And when, like me, solace you need, a helping hand may He send to your door.

Women, because of each of you, I am the kind of person you see today.
You played an important part at some stage, in some way.

Your words of advice and encouragement or just a listening ear
Have helped me move forward and to get rid of my fear.

I am now blessed to help other women, to see beyond their pain
By giving them what I received from you, and saving them from their fate

Women, on this special occasion, and for each and every day,
Good health, joy, and happiness be showered on you every day.

Natalie Rose D’Sa



March 8 (Monday at 6:30) – Celebrating Women in Rotary:

Dr. Sylvia Witlock, 1st female Rotary President, Valerie Wafer, RI Director

Sherry Colbourne – Canadian entrepreneur in the high tech section and Nadine Pemberton, Coach, Lawyer and diversity and inclusion educator.

Safety Village Meeting April 12

Watershed cleanup April 24


UPCOMING      FUNDRAISERS:  Fertilizer and on line gaming!

Lennis mentioned the Tuesday Talks re Youth Services Tuesday March 9th 7pm Jan Coupland has registered

Lennis’s daughter has opened a new business in her home: Easy for you Eats in Prince Albert – cakes, breads etc


Ted announced the Rotary Foundation Gala May 12  - $110

Dave announced the District 7070 International Women's Day Event Monday March 8th 6:30 – 8:00pm great speakers!

Dave announced the District Conference June 25 26  - Cost $10

Sue announced she needed a helper for Bill Creamer for Meals on Wheels Larry Hurren has offered


SPEAKER:  John Currie – Executive Director – Honouring Indigenous Peoples   

John’s Presentation was attached with members copies of the bulletin emailed to you

John mentioned he can get in touch with people to come to speak to us about such issues as Homelessness and Men’s Groups

Other Clubs are getting involved HIP in regards to Awareness Training Sessions

Rotary Clubs and the Community need to start by building a relationship with First Nation

see: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_3AtHvjDMIgJMdDNEUT6SXA6pkOZG-Sb9j6SjwHSFF0/edit?usp=sharing

See: https://honouringindigenouspeoples.com/ for details


MEETING ADJOURNED:       at 8:20 pm



Mar  9, 2021.   7 pm   Nilam Bedi, Chair, District 7070 Environmental Action Committee ( for more details see: https://rotary7070.org/stories/introducing-the-district-7070-environmental-action-committee-and-how-you-can-help/ )

Mar 16, 2021   7 pm   St Patrick’s Day Fun Zoom meeting – Spouses invited

Mar 23, 2021   7 pm   Club Strategic Plan Review # 2

Mar 30, 2021   7 pm   Donna McFarlane, Senior Advisor, Durham Region Hospice) (for more details, please see: https://durhamregionhospice.ca/ )

Apr   6, 2021    7 pm  Claudia Gutierrez, National Director, Operations and Events for Their Opportunity) (for more details, please see: https://theiropportunity.com/