MINUTES OF MEETING :  Tuesday November 26, 2019

Editor: Ted Morrison


ROTARY GRACE                                                                                                                     

O Lord, The Giver of all good,                                        

We thank Thee for our daily food                                  

May Rotary friends and Rotary ways 

Help us to serve Thee all our days.


Grace:   Heather Drakes

O Canada: Terry Giles

Toast To The Queen:  Sandy McDowell



None tonight.



Bill Creamer (Dec 3), Heather Drakes (Dec 5), Sharron Morrison (Dec 20) have birthdays this month and Bob & Rhonda Stewart celebrate their anniversary DEC 13



REMINDER: Hilda asked for two volunteers to replace Al and herself at Bingo while they are in Florida (probably two Bingos during that time - January - March)

REMINDER: SAVE THE DATE: Ted also announced that the 2020 date for our Kids Against Hunger was going to be Sunday May 3 at the Jubilee pavilion in Lakeview Park in Oshawa.

TIME TO VOLUNTEER: From Robbie Larocque: Three days remaining for You to volunteer at the Kids Safety Village. Kindly check your Calendars and sign up TONIGHT for the upcoming Holiday Spirit at the Kids' Safety Village. In the evenings (4:30 pm to about 8:30 pm) of November 28, 29 & 30 we need a minimum of 3 Rotary Volunteers at the Safety Village to welcome visitors, collect and manage any food or money donations. We may also be asked to share candy with the youngsters. On NOV 28, 29 & 30 – The Community is Invited to Take a Walk Down Christmas Lane and Get into the Spirit of the Holidays. The Village and all of its Buildings will be decorated with lights and Christmas themed decorations. With our early introduction of Winter, we invite everyone to come share HOLIDAY SPIRIT AT THE KIDS' SAFETY VILLAGE. Kindly sign up for the Night(s) which you may be available. Thanks and see you at the Village.

Ted reminded that team 1 is on duty at the Red Barn Bingo this Saturday from 3-5:30pm.

Ted announced that next week is Cake and Ham delivery week.  We pick them up on Monday. People with large orders can pick them up on Tuesday at Devon’s or at the meeting on Tuesday night at our meeting. Your help is appreciated at Devon’s on Tuesday. More Hands make less work.

Hilda announced that the annual Participation House Christmas dinner will be December 3 Dinner will cost $40 per person. Please sign up with her as soon as you can.

Hilda announced that the annual Christmas party at Lennis and Esther Trotter’s on Dec 10. Dinner will cost $25 per person. Please sign up with her as soon as you can. Please pay at the Registration table this week and next week.

Hilda also announced that the poinsettias, that are given to the Rotary widows and to former members, have been purchased and she has arranged for drivers to deliver them.

REMINDER: Joe Solway , from the Bowmanville Rotary Club promoted the Concert for Feed The Need Durham on Dec 15 . We sure hope our members can go and support the Bomanville Club and also Feed the Need. 66,000 persons in Durham are food insecure. The Tickets are $25 each. Two concerts on Sunday December 15 afternoon and evening performances.


ACE OF SPADES  DRAW:  Conducted by our Sgt at Arms Tim Dwyre

Hilda drew the 10 of spades  and received two tubes of travel sized tooth paste compliments of Dr Larry Hurren



Front Door : Hilda and Al Finnigan

Bulletin Editor & Greeter : None for December



Front Door : Kim Boatman and Sandy McDowell

Bulletin Editor & Greeter : Linda Porritt

(Editor’s note: If you cannot attend , please find a replacement)


HAPPY TOONIES Conducted by our Sgt at Arms Tim Dwyre

Hilda was happy to see the number of people who have signed up for both Participation House Party and our Christmas Party

Lennis was happy that there were a large number of kids and their parents go through the Kids Safety Village for the Christmas light show.

Bob Stewart was happy/sad that his wife and daughter forced him to take their dog to the vet for x-rays only to find out there was nothing wrong. It cost him a lot of money.

Tim was happy he was finally able to get his mother into a nursing home in Kingston after she had a heart attack experience



None this week