This evening guest speaker was replaced by a mid-year review by each Director, here are their stories:

Sue MacKinnon spoke about membership. She has attended workshops on membership. Sue has been following up on membership leads. The club has lofty membership goals which she believes can be achieved if we all work together and share the good word of Rotary.

Larry Hurren spoke on Kris Sachdeva’s behalf. Larry spoke about highlights from the India School Project where through a Global Grant the Rotary Clubs of Oshawa-Parkwood, Whitby Sunrise and Kundapur, in India some $37000.00 (usd) are at work funding a school bus and needed washroom repairs. The funding also allowed the purchase of needed audio/visual equipment.

The school bus was delivered on December 20, 2018 with Rotary District Governor Abhinandan Shetty in attendance along with many happy children and very grateful parents.

The International Committee is considering a request from Operation Eyesight.

We have made a contribution to the Adopt a Village program in Laos. This is a water project which is coordinated through the hard work of Steve Rutlegde.


Stanley Igboanugo spoke on behalf of Dave Andrews. Stanley gave an overview of the work of the Public Relations Committee which has a goal of raising awareness of Rotary. Through many media forms our website, facebook account and twitter accounts which are kept up to date are the online method. Through news releases through the print media and the often present articles on Rotary in the Oshawa Express the good word of Rotary is shared locally. Stanley notes that we as Rotarians are the best form of Public Relations as we meet new people in the community.


Sandy McDowell spoke on behalf of Janice Coupland. Sandy gave a review of happening at the Club Administration Committee. The committee takes care of the front desk duties which Tim and Dave A. have shared their talents throughout the year. The club bulletin is also organized by this committee. The club bulletin is a recording of our club meetings for those members who are away and it is a way to record our history.  The sergeant at arms duties is also the responsibility of this committee, Sonya and others volunteers have done a good job convincing us of sharing Happy Bucks and stories of our Rotary family. Through Sandy, Janice wishes to thank Hilda for her coordination role and all those involved by taking on the duties of front desk staff, bulletin scribes and sergeants. She reminds those who have not participated to do so it is a great way to assist and get a better understand of the Club.

The club administration has also developed many social events for our Club which include: Participation house Dinner, Friendship Day, BBQ on the Golf Club patio, BBQ party at the Kipling’s and Valentine’s Social to name but a few.

Lennis Trotter spoke about a new (revisited) committee, a Ways and Means Committee. The WMC is established through an assembly of Rotarians who are involved with the fundraising.  The committee will review other ways in which to raise funds for the Club.

Lennis also spoke about the Safety Village renovation. The renovation includes for two full sized classrooms which serves both Police Service and Fire Services. The students which visit the Village are from Grades 1 through 6 for young people from across Durham Region. Fundraising continues so that there is money available should the lease from the school board lapse in 2036 and the Village needs to be returned to sod.


Kim Boatman spoke about Community Services and Youth Services Committees. The community service has been striving to work within the goals which were set at budget time. Many community donations have been made, Trillium Gift of Life, Simcoe Hall Settlement House, RADAR, Sharon’s Kids and Kids’ Safety Village to name but a few. Kim noted that in that we tried to place the 4 – way test plaque at City Hall.

The youth service is working with the Oshawa Club to have a youth exchange student in the coming year. We are planning to rebuild Rotaract and Interact Clubs as well as to made donation at Mary Street Public School. We have a planned event in May to package food through the Kids Against Hunger program. Kim thanked her two chairs Janice and Sonya.


Ted Morrison spoke about the Rotary Foundation. RI set a lofty goal of some $360 million for the past Rotary year, the donation which came in were in excess of $414 million. Great news comes from this generous donation set. In the coming year effectively $200 million coming back to the Districts for grant opportunities.

Oshawa-Parkwood has also been in a giving mood to the Foundation. We are at a giving level of just over $225.00 (USD) in donations to the Foundation. When compared to the rest of the District 7070 we placed third, this is fantastic. We are the recipient of a district grant for the Safety Village renovation along with a Global Grant in support of the India School project. The Power of Rotary.

Looking at the present year, we have contributed in excess of $4600.00 (USD) which eclipses our goal of $3100.00. Our giving’s to the Polio eradication amount to just over $3600.00 (USD) which is well above our goal of $640.00. Do remember that tis turns into over $10000.00 (USD) through the matching funds from the Gates Foundation. Excellent outcome.

There are many ways to give to Rotary. From those gifts many of our Rotarians have become Paul Harris Fellows, 19 to be exact many of whom are multiple PHF. We have 10 Benefactors to Rotary, no bequest society members, 3 major donors and 1 Arch Klump society members.


Linda Porritt spoke about her year so far. She had a personal goal to reach out about Rotary throughout her year as Club President by participating in as many Community events as possible. She share her work about Rotary with her real estate Client’s when it is appropriate. Her goal is to try and make Rotary fun. Upon reflection she is surprised how fast the first half of her year has gone. Linda is looking to make the most of the second half of her presidency.


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