GUEST SPEAKER:  Our Club Attended Tuesday Talks – Developing Leaders in District 7070”

District Governor Mark Chipman inaugurated the meeting, and Dhammay Kanthan, chair of the District Leadership committee, conducted it.

The key note speaker was Valarie Wafer, Rotary International Director and Past District Governor D7070.  Valarie talked about the many opportunities to Lead in Rotary. She believes that the strength is in our clubs and that clubs develop leaders. She noted that the leaders in their professional life often leave their “leader’s hat” at the door when they enter the Rotary world. She says to them, Bring your leadership and leaderships skills to Rotary. She noted that succession planning in your Rotary Club is most important. It takes time for a member to grow into a position (committee member, to chair, to director, to perhaps vice president, then president and then past president). She reminded us all that we never stop developing. E have to offer our members an answer to “What’s in it for me”. She encouraged everyone to bring their skills to the next level of Rotary on to District Committees and beyond.

Dhammay Kanthan, chair of the District Leadership committee, noted that we need to have the freedom to be our best. The focus of Leadership is on the people. She said that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, through your weekly online meetings, this is a good time to ask each member why they joined Rotary. She also encouraged clubs to get their members to go on to the Rotary website and to the Learning Centre, read a topic, and then discuss it at your next meeting.  One prospective member of one club said that now that he does not go downtown every day into Toronto, he is saving 16 hours a week, and now, for the first time has time for Rotary. Dhamay said that leaders need  the development and a path way to be successful, and recommended the three Rotary Leadership sessions , Parts I, II and III and excellent path to being a Leader in your club.

District leadership committee members presented in different Avenues.

Khorshed Khan presented on Learning Pathways for Leadership Positions.

Kaitlynn Almeida on Leadership development Framework;

Kenneth Chin on Recruitment & Succession Planning.

Dhamay Kanthan, Chair, and her entire District 7070 Leadership Development Committee were on hand to present  "Tuesday Talks" on October 13 from 7 PM to 8 PM, entitled, “Developing Leaders”. We learned and connected as this team charted its course to create an effective leadership framework in our district that includes engaging a younger generation in Rotary service, succession in our own clubs, and in our District. Developing good leaders is key to turning Rotary's vision of ‘a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change’ into reality. Leadership is about bringing clarity to where we are headed and then creating an environment where people have the freedom to be their best and can use their gifts to get there. It is always, always all about the people, not just the plan.



District 7070 Chair of the Rotary Foundation Committee, and past District Governor and Rotary Zone Coordinator, invited everyone to the November 10 Tuesday Talks on the Rotary Foundation, Brenda Cressy, a trustee of The Rotary Foundation, will be speaking on what she does and a trustee and more information on the workings of The Rotary Foundation.



Ana Rejab is setting up for us a games night. Here’s Ana to tell us how it will work:

Hello fellow Rotarians! Do you remember playing the "Alphabet Game" on long road trips? Do you remember playing "Guess Who?" So many of you have worked so hard because Rotarians are do-ers! Shall we have a night to have fun over zoom while also contributing a small amount to our chapter? $5 to join,(you can etransfer that to treasurer Bill.) winner takes 3/5 of the pot.

Let's start the night with "Guess Who?". I will assign a famous person to each person joining via direct email. On that night, we will take turns to be in the spotlight. Each participant can ask one question to the one in the hot seat. The one in the spotlight will only answer "Yes" or "No". After all of us have had our turn in the spotlight, we write down our answers and reveal at the same time.

The top 5 will proceed to the next level - the "Alphabet Game". Highest scorer(s) will go first.  I will name the latter and category. Each contestant will name something in that category that starts with the said letter, 10 seconds per contestant. We will carry on until all but one is eliminated.

Spouses are certainly invited. If you want them to be part of the game, then they will have to put $5 into the pot too.



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