MINUTES OF ZOOM MEETING :  Tuesday, November 17, 2020

                                          Editor:  Hilda Finnigan        


Nov 22 – Happy Birthday to Willie Kellam

Nov 23 – Happy Anniversary to Bob and Launi Elliott


On the Zoom Call Tonight:

Kris Sachdeva, Janice Coupland, Lennis Trotter, David Andrews, David Penney, Al and Hilda Finnigan,   Bob Koski,  Bill Creamer, Robbie Larocque, Linda Porritt, Heather Drakes, Ana Rejab, Tim Dwyre, Larry Hurren, Stanley & Chidinma Iboanugo.

Guests :  No Guests tonight




OUR REGULAR WEEKLY MEETINGS WILL NOT BE AT THE OSHAWA GOLF CLUB UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. We will let you know when that may happen. As it stands right now, the Oshawa Golf Club is not hosting any outside organizations (such as ourselves) at the present time.

DUES ARE DUE: You have all received an invoice from our Treasurer, Bill Creamer, for the 2020-21 Rotary Dues. There are still 7 or 8 members who have not paid. You can send him a cheque or you can pay Bill by e-transfer. The address of the e-transfer is  parkwoodrotaryacct@gmail.com and make sure the answer to the question is Oshawa.

MEALS ON WHEELS:  – Volunteers Are Still Required - We need help, members. Bill and Sue have been the only ones helping so far. Thank you to those who have volunteered. Please contact Bill or Sue if you can help. This is a commitment we have as a Rotary Club to ensure the success of this very important community service. Monday is our day to volunteer.  

BULLETIN EDITORS REQUIRED: Volunteers Are Still Required  -We need help, members. Past President Hilda Finnigan is asking everyone in the club to volunteer for a month and write the Club Bulletin. We still need editors for December 2020 through June 2021.   Please let Hilda Finnigan know as soon as you can.

MEMBERSHIP RELATED ZOOM SESSIONS OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS OF OUR ROTARY CLUB -  includes a New Members Get-togethers, and a Grow Rotary Workshops for all Rotarians and Rotaractors (register for the following workshops online at rotary7070.org.) :

NEW MEMBERS’ GET TOGETHER – 1 hour on a weekday evening – currently all slated on Zoom – what an excellent opportunity for any member, new or old, to learn more about Rotary. Everyone is welcome.

GROW ROTARY WORKSHOPS – Approximately 90 minutes on a Saturday morning - currently all slated on Zoom – interact with Rotarians from all over the District. Get ideas and offer ideas how we can grow our club membership. Here is a link to the recorded  Oct 3  Zoom Grow Rotary Workshop. https://youtu.be/M8m5B0kJes4

Many excellent ideas to grow Rotary in this session. Are you interested in your club’s path to Grow Rotary ?  Having a strong vibrant Rotary Club involves Membership - looking after our members - new, seasoned and potential, Public Image – reaching out to our communities showing them what we do and showing the power of what we can do – our Foundation.  Hear from some D7070 Clubs that are successfully Growing Rotary in the current situation.  We encourage at least 3 members from a club to attend so you can share the discussion and work on plans integrating Membership, Public Image and Foundation in your growth strategy.

  • Saturday, January 23, 9:30-11:30 am 

  • Saturday, March 27, 9:30-11:30 am


District 7070 Rotary Foundation Committee Members Still Wanted!!! – Bob Wallace is still looking for new members for the District Foundation Committee to help spend our Rotary District 7070’s money (grant money that is). See the District website www.rotary7070.org (centre column) for more details.  Isn’t it time that you volunteered beyond your own Rotary Club?

Interested in becoming an Assistant Governor? ...or know someone who may be interested in this role?  We are in the process of seeking several enthusiastic, qualified Rotarians to take on the important role of AG next year.   Check out the attached document outlining the AG mandate and qualifications required – still time to send in your application and can be emailed to DG Mark Chipman.  Rotary offers "endless opportunities" and this may be one of them for you!

Check out both Leadership Opportunities here: https://rotary7070.org/sitepage/current-leadership-opportunities



Our next BINGO is To Be Announced - Doors open at 5:45 PM.  - We Need to be there by 5 PM. Note: Only 4 volunteers at the Bingos at the present time: ONE Banker. TWO front desk Sales People and ONE U Pick Em Sales Person. Please see Hilda or Sandy as soon as possible if you can be on a team. We need your support.

Bingo Volunteers Are Still Required Ongoing basis – New Teams Are Being Set Up  - We need help, members.  Please let Sandy know if YOU are available for future Bingos. Things are different under COVID-19. With only 2 bingo sessions a day, we may only get one bingo per month. Stay tuned.

PLEASE NOTE: Doors will be opened at 11:30 am for our 12:30 pm session and 5:45 pm for the 6:45 pm session.


KIDS SAFETY VILLAGE – UPDATE  - It was decided not to have Christmas at The Village this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions and our concern for the safety of the kids and their parents. It was also decided to allow the Durham Region Police Service use the Village as a drop off point for all of the citizens of Durham Region to drop off food and toys for the annual DRPS Food and Toy Drive. Christmas food and toy collection (donations of  non-perishable foods and new unwrapped toys for those in need in Durham Region, cash and gift cards so food and toys can be purchased, all gratefully accepted) and will be distributed to Durham agencies such as Simcoe Hall Settlement House and Salvation Army. Biggest need: teen gifts for both boys and girls, toiletries. Donations can also be dropped off at any DRPS Division and Headquarters in Whitby or any Fire Station in Ajax, Clarington, Oshawa, and Whitby, and this year, at the Kids Safety Village. Watch the media for dates and times for the Village to be open to take your donations.



Time: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  Another opportunity for Club members to make a donation during the holiday season. Please bring an unwrapped gift & your ‘Drive-Thru Breakfast’   is compliments of The Crooked Uncle, 1180 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa . Check out:  www.thecrookeduncle.com. Gifts: We are continuing to focus on ages 13 years & Up!  (Sample Gift Items: OC gift card, Visa/Mastercard gift cards/Best Buy gift cards/ toiletries/blow dryers/curling irons/ makeup/shaving kits/socks/Chapters gift cards). All proceeds to "Sharon's Kids" Supporting the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation Holiday Hope Program.




Ted Morrison, is our Chair, again this year, for what may be our big fundraiser this year. We need funds to help those in our communities who need it the most. Timing is crucial.

Deadline for ordering was NOVEMBER 15. Note : we will have a few extra. Please call Ted if you still need some cakes and hams.

Delivery will be first week of December. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PICK UP YOUR CAKES AND HAMS ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30 IN THE AFTERNOON AT BILL CREAMER’S  ( 877 Mount Allan Ave, Oshawa L1J 7M7).

Please arrange to get your money in to Bill Creamer as soon as you can. Cakes: $25 each. Hams: $30 each. Note: If COVID-19 affects the western Canada suppliers again this year, we may not be able to deliver.

You can you Bill by e-transfer. The address of the e-transfer is  parkwoodrotaryacct@gmail.com and make sure the answer to the question is Oshawa.



President Sue found out very late on Tuesday Nov 17, that the Holiday Haven has been cancelled outside at the Oshawa Centre, by the management at the Oshawa Centre, out of concern for the safety of everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank the Oshawa Centre, Oshawa Rotary Past President and Chair of the event, Emmy Iheme, for all of their planning and kind invitation to join them. We sure hope we can do this again with our friends in the Oshawa Rotary Club sometime soon.  




President Sue and her committee are looking at having a VIRTUAL DINNER with Bistro 238 in the near future (likely in the new year).  It may even be on an ongoing basis , every two weeks. This will be pick up and / or delivery. We will need volunteer drivers for one evening, every two weeks. Please let President Sue know as soon as you can. Lots to planning taking place for this new fundraiser. We need your help. Be sure to check out the Bistro 238 website for a sample of their offerings: https://www.bistro238.com/.


ROTARY CLUB FUN NIGHT # 1: OUR ROTARY CLUB CHRISTMAS PARTY ON ZOOM – DECEMBER 8 AT 7 PM –  Rotary Club Virtual Christmas Party, Spouses invited. Dress up ! It’s Christmas. We are going to have some fun, Christmas Carol singing and some surprise friends to see too. From the Fun & Fellowship Committee  


Ana Rejab is setting up for us a games night. Here’s Ana to tell us how it will work:

Hello fellow Rotarians! Do you remember playing the "Alphabet Game" on long road trips? Do you remember playing "Guess Who?" So many of you have worked so hard because Rotarians are do-ers! Shall we have a night to have fun over zoom while also contributing a small amount to our chapter? $5 to join, (you can e-transfer that to treasurer Bill.) winner takes 3/5 of the pot.

Let's start the night with "Guess Who?" Ana will assign a famous person to each person joining via direct email. On that night, we will take turns to be in the spotlight. Each participant can ask one question to the one in the hot seat. The one in the spotlight will only answer "Yes" or "No". After all of us have had our turn in the spotlight, we write down our answers and reveal at the same time.

The top 5 will proceed to the next level - the "Alphabet Game". Highest scorer(s) will go first.  I will name the latter and category. Each contestant will name something in that category that starts with the said letter, 10 seconds per contestant. We will carry on until all but one is eliminated.

Spouses are certainly invited. If you want them to be part of the game, then they will have to put $5 into the pot too.



Ted encourages all of us to focus on the importance of the activities and the importance of donating to the Rotary Foundation, both to the Annual programs Fund and to the Polio Fund (Bill Gates matches the Polio donation 2 to 1). Donations are tax deductible. Lots of info on the Rotary website: https://www.rotary.org/en/about-rotary/rotary-foundation .



This week, we sent out a flyer (hats, shirts, blouses, coats, etc) and Lennis is ready to take orders. Be sure to give him a call. He is ordering at the end of the week.



Hilda Finnigan has a list of 12 friends of Rotary this year, that we annually bring good cheer to at Christmas time and will purchase poinsettias. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help with this act of kindness. Can you help Hilda with the deliveries? Please give her a call.



The Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parwkood welcomes our newest member, Leon Efraim. Leon is a lawyer here in Oshawa at Thomas, Efraim LLP, McLaughlin Square, 50 Richmond St E Suite 110, Oshawa, ON L1G 7C7 (Phone(905) 576-5666). We have seen Leon on many of our Zoom calls this summer and fall. He was a member of the Rotary Club of Uxbridge. If you get a chance, give him a call. His email is leon@thomasefraimllp.com . Linda Porritt, Leon’s proposer and Dave Andrews inducted Leon at his office on Tuesday, Nov 17 and we showed the video at this meeting. The video is just too big to send out.

​​​​​​​With over 15 years of experience, Leon Efraim is known as a problem solver who provides common sense advice on a cost effective basis with a particular emphasis on corporate finance and corporate commercial law.

Leon has worked with companies of various sizes at all stages of their business development. He advises public and private issuers in all sectors including Real Estate, technology, manufacturing, marketing and resources. Leon’s clients include; investment firms, angel investment organizations, federally and provincially funded investment funds, exempt market dealers, a large real estate brokerage, and several property management firms. Since joining partner, David B. Thomas, Leon has developed a keen understanding of residential real estate transactions and carries on the tradition of the Law Office of David B. Thomas by meeting with every purchaser or seller to review documentation regarding the purchase or sale of their home and personally reviewing each file to ensure that the client is fully informed of all aspects of the transaction.

Being particularly active in working with start-up technology companies, Leon works with many clients in the information technology, health sciences/medical technology, clean tech, and high tech manufacturing industries.

As a proud resident of Durham Region for nine years, Leon is actively involved in many different organizations across the community. Leon is an active adviser and secretary at Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre, Durham’s Regional Innovation Centre, as well as acting counsel for the Northumberland Business Development Assistance Corporation, working with them regularly on matters including the investment of the winners of the nationally recognized N100 competition. He is now a proud member of the Rotary Club of Oshawa-Parkwood.

In addition, Leon is also counsel and secretary of the Durham Culture Collective, a not-for-profit organization working with the Durham Economic Development & Tourism Department.

When not meeting with clients or active in the community, Leon enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. Leon also enjoys traveling and seeing the world.